The moustache wax of kings and lovers.



1) Scrape up a thin ribbon of wax with the back of a fingernail.

2) Place the ribbon between thumb and pointer finger, rub fingers together ONCE with firm pressure to heat the wax and create a clear film on the tips of both fingers. (Clear on your fingers=clear in your fine moustache.) This should be done with a flourish. Not too overt. Appear nonchalant.

3) Starting at the tips, work wax into the whiskers of the moustache. Use very subtle motions, pressing the wax into the whiskers. Apply evenly, all the way to the root. (Some stylings stop short of the root. Experiment to your heart’s delight. Do not pull on whiskers. This is not necessary, and it is painful.)

4) Shape the waxed whiskers into a fan, and twist together. The shape of the fan, how the whiskers are gathered at the roots, and the direction of the twist will all affect the shape of the moustache. Experiment until you look dashing and debonaire.

5) Have a friend throw soft things at you. Practice dodging them.

6) Walk confidently into the world with your resplendent moustache, and newly developed dodging skills. Dodge as necessary.

Black’s Flash Stache Wax… The most exceptional moustache wax IN THE WORLD.